RJ’s First Encounter with Cows

Most parents say kids today are much luckier. Because of the media and technology kids’ life are simpler and easier. But are they really luckier than the kids 30 or 40 years ago?

When we went to Cavite for a family outing and reunion last week, I was glad that we finally breathe fresh air. There were rice fields and greeneries along the way to the beach. RJ was glad to see cows and goats. She even counted the cows and proudly said she saw 21 of them.


Poor RJ, she seldom sees farm animals because there are only cats and dogs in our neighborhood. So when we pulled over near the field with cows, we grabbed the chance and asked me to take pictures. It was RJ’s first encounter with cows.

girl with cows
When I was a kid, there were greens everywhere. We rode cows and carabaos.  We even drink fresh milk. We climbed trees, got out of the house, made our own games, got along with other children and had fun. How I miss my childhood!

Maybe kids’ life now are much simpler and easier but life then was cooler and healthier.

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  1. my first real encounter with a cow is really funny , the mother cow runs after me. LOL. Thanks for sharing sis.

  2. mel cole says:

    Looking good. She sure is a good model of her pose. 🙂 Healthy looking cows. Hope to see you in my G Monday post here.

  3. i love your last line! life then was indeed cooler and healthier. now is easier but with a lot of complications, too– however you want both to reconcile! lol your daughter looks so amazed at the cows! 🙂

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  4. I agree with you. Iba na ang panahon ngayon…

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  5. shengkay says:

    ay naku mommy! parang si iris din nung nagkabasyon kami..will she’s very baby pa I know but she’s amaze to see real pig (she’s afraid!), carabao and goat..

    sarap pa rin buhay before..

  6. January says:

    naku sa panahon ngayon minsan na lang natin nakikita ang mga farm animals.. nasa farmville na lang sila marami hehehe..

    Visiting from Green Monday
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  7. kaya pala nawala ng sandali.. hahaha… buti pa kayo diyan nakapag liwaliw na… was here mommy sel for GM.

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