RJ’s Project

As part of the United Nations celebration in RJ’s school, their teacher in Civic and Culture asked them to make the United States flag that will serve also as their project for the second quarter. I love the US flag but making it manually out of colored papers, I think that is not fair. The stripes are easy to do but the 50 tiny stars on one side and another 50 stars on the other side (a total of 100 stars) is very hard for an eight year old girl to do. Good thing is the artistic Mom, that is ME, is always on the rescue.
After two hours, here is RJ’s United States flag. It is not perfect but it is good enough and she seems very happy with the result. 
Last September 16, 2010, the Department of Education released Memorandum No. 392, ordering teachers to avoid giving assignments to the students over the weekend so they could bond with their families. I like this memorandum because students are free to play on weekends and they have ample time to rest and relax. I just hope that DepEd would release memorandum too about giving projects based on student’s age and capability. 
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  1. Maraming homeworks ang mga students dito sa Japan lalo na pag summer vacation–gusto ng school na kahit bakasyon,merong ginagawang activities ang mga bata.I dunno for some schools here in Japan,pero dito sa amin,kahit bakasyon,kailangang gumising pa rin ng maaga ang mga bata.And about the projects,mga bata ang gumagawa without the help of the parents.kahit na medyo hinde maganda ang pagkakagawa basta't ang bata mismo ang gumawa ng project okay lang.

  2. wow! ang galing naman ni RJ te…matyaga….:)

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