Save With Coupons and Discounts

I love collecting things from slip-ons, bags, perfumes, etc. But my favorite things to collect are iGourmet coupons. It’s really hard to make ends meet sometimes because of this global economic crisis and these coupons are of big help especially the food and drink coupons. I shop for our supplies every weekend and because of the discounts I got from these coupons, I am saving money that I use for other things like our medicines.

At first my husband didn’t understand why I am collecting them. But after seeing the big discounts when he accompanied me to grocery one time, he is the one reminding me now not to forget the coupons every time we go shopping. He’s not ashamed using them even he goes shopping alone. Yes, we should be wise and take advantage of every discount that comes our way. That’s why it’s good to shop at groceries that never run out of coupons and discounts.

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  1. Times like these, even husbands use coupons to save on expenses and I'm not ashamed to use them….

  2. Naku!!A couple of grocery coupons is a bestfriend to all wives and mothers like me!!^_^

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