Serious in Losing Weight

My husband and I are serious in losing weight this time. We are taking slimming tea and we brisk walk around our subdivision, 5 rounds every night and tonight will be our 5th night. We are hoping that aside from losing some weight and toning our muscles, my husband will  also get rid of his joint pains, maintain his blood pressure level and/ or my asthma would be gone forever.
However, looks like the slimming tea and the brisk walking have no effect at all. I know it is too early to assume big changes in just 5 days but I want something that will work out fast but we do not want to purchase random fitness equipment just because of the attractive advertisements. We want something that could really give us good results and benefits so I searched the net for the exercise equipment product review and found out that exercise bike and elliptical cross trainer are ideal if you are starting home fitness.
The Tunturi recumbent bike is exactly what we need because it provides intensive training for muscles and joints while the Tunturi elliptical cross trainer could help us lose weight, tone muscles and get in shape.
These equipments are not as expensive as other equipments. With one of these in your home, you can work out on your schedule plus you don’t have to pay expensive monthly membership fees like that on a fitness club.

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