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A lot of industries were shaken by the economic crisis that companies have been forced to closure. There are also those that had no choice but to downsize and let go of their employees. While some corporate giants fell hard, smaller businesses proved to be resilient to economic troubles. Setting up a small-scale tech company might just be a good business idea that you can consider to take part in the recovering economy. Technology is something that most modern companies cannot do without. Even struggling companies still have technology needs that they have to address. Needless to say, technology services will never be out of demand. Rather than hire a full time complement of workers in an IT department, some companies would much rather pay external service providers to take care of some of their technology requirements. If setting up your own tech company sounds good to you, you have to start doing the legwork.

tech company

You need to find out how many employees you need to hire. Unless you are planning to run a one-man technology consulting company, you need employees to handle the various aspects of your business. If you have a limited budget, you have to choose your employees properly. You have to carefully think about your hiring strategy. Of course, there is also the issue of budget. You have to allocate funds for salaries and wages. Although it is ideal to have an employee in charge of specific tasks, your budget might not always have room for employee compensation. You simply have to hire the best person for select key positions. Looking for job applicants who are skilled in several applications and who can multi-task is definitely recommended for a tech company with limited budgets.

Another component that you should look into would be your equipment. Identify what kind of equipment you will need to be able to render the services you promise your clients. Make a list of business equipment you need and then sort the list according to level of priority. You can start investing in a handful of equipment that you simply cannot operate without. Then, when the money starts coming in, you can think about buying more equipment to boost your company’s productivity.

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