Sexy in Black

Black is a color of elegance and has been a fashion statement for decades. It is safe for most occasions and easy to match with anything. But what I love most about black is, it can be deceiving and makes us look a few pounds lighter by hiding all those bulges in the body.

I want you to meet Jhanna, my first cousin. She’s voluptous but she looks very sexy in this black top. Wondering where did her bulges go? Told you, black is deceiving.

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By Rossel

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10 replies on “Sexy in Black”

Ang mga teens talaga really love emo poses…and yes that’s the reason why I love black – it hides the love handles away hehehhehe

Mine is up at KCAT Can.

I don’t think she has bulges at all! Definitely sexiness all the way 😉

Thanks for joining Chic In Black Monday. Can’t wait to see your entry for next week!

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