Shake the Flab Off

“34-26-34” is my vital statistics before I got married and I weighed 95 lbs. I am longing for that figure of mine.

weight loss

After I got married, everything has changed. I love to cook and hubby loves to eat, what a perfect tandem to have those flab and bulges appear everywhere in our bodies. Now is the time to shake the flab off. I know I’ve said it a hundred times but with the help of my Mommy blogger friends, I think I can make it this time.

To start with, I measured my vital statistics which I haven’t done for years. Looking at my body in the mirror and seeing the bulges disappoints me sometimes, but knowing the exact measurement is more disappointing.

Bicep – 30 cms. (11.5 inches)
Chest – 89.5 cms (35 inches)
Waist – 82 cms. (32 inches)
Hips – 89 cms. (35 inches)
Thigh – 54 cms. (21 inches)
Bulge between the waist and hips – 94.5 cms. (37 inches)

Height – 5’0″
Weight – 114.4 lbs.
BMI – 22.3

Obviously, fat is what responsible for my increase in size. Though I am not overweight (based on my BMI), still I need a good work out on every part of my body to shake the flab off. But exercise alone won’t work so for my weight loss to be successful, I’ll just have 1 cup of rice for lunch and Quaker oats or veggies for dinner (I started yesterday). Getting back my old figure would be daunting so just 4 inches off my current waist line would be fine and my target weight is 100 lbs. Will I make it? Let us just wait and see.

By the way, I had my picture taken yesterday but will post it only once I achieved my target weight and waist measurement. Good luck to me!

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11 thoughts on “Shake the Flab Off

  1. Hehehe… don’t we all long for the figure of our pasts? And I thought I was already fat then… at 110lbs. Now at 128… waahhhhh, get lost talaga.

    Ang galing nga 114 ka… I suppose you are still within your ideal weight range. Let’s have fun with this weekly meme, Rossel!!

  2. They say that after running for 20 minutes, you finally just burned off your excess energy. Then after 20 minutes, you will be burning off the fat storage. Also mix up your exercise, once your body gets comfortable it will be harder for it to lose weight.

  3. Oh yeah! so sexy! you’re right, I said it a hundred times too and my readers don’t want to believe anymore with my diet plan haha. Let’s get sexy and healthy this time!

  4. wohoooO!!! so sexy! 😀 love it! ehheheheheh tayu tayu lang nagbibigay inspiration sa isat isa so let’s keep it up! 😀 ehheheh pls dnt forget your weigh loss diary okay so you can bring it wherever you are at d makaliutan ang mga kinakain 😀 ehheheheh see you next week!

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