She-Bloggers Meet Up at Dads

It was already 12:30 p.m. I was in a hurry for I don’t want to be late for the She-Bloggers meet up at Dads SM Megamall. Thank God, even I came from the mountain of “Tralala” I arrived just on time. Finally, I have seen the pretty faces behind those blogs. They introduced themselves even they need not to for I know them very well in the blogosphere.
Of course there was the famous baby in blogland…Sati.
(from left to right)standing- Josie, Jade, Fhedz, Pehpot with Sati, Nuts, Paula, Tetcha with his son. sitting- Fhedz daughter YZ, Earth and me.
Chris was the first to go home but I was able to get her picture with Sati and her kids Kyla and Toby. 

It was my first time to have met these good writers but I can say they are also nice persons inside and out.
Oh before I forget, thanks to Mr. Robert Castro for assisting us and for patiently taking our pictures. He is very accommodating so he deserves a commendation and exposure. lol!
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  1. Wow.. mga magaganda nga.. parang hindi ko nakilala agad2x si Mommy Nuts.. she's so blooming like you mommy Rossel! You guys rock! Hope we could also meet with Mommy Nuts and others.. muahhh!

  2. Mukhang ang saya ng inyong meeting ah.

  3. Oh ayan Mr. Robert sikat ka na.. haha. Thanks sa pag assist mo sa mga bloggers na mababait..haha..
    no need to introduce na, i know every details of you na Ross. mauulit ulit! ang saya!

  4. OMG mya pic ka nga nya bwahaha

    sige grab ko din LOL

    for sure mauulit to.. pag pede na si yami meet up ulit tayo

    so kumusta naman ang pag uwi mo sa bundok ng tralala? bwahaha

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