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Do you have the right car insurance for you and your vehicle? Shopping for and selecting an insurance policy can be a complicated, time-consuming effort, so it’s easy to see why so many drivers pick an insurance company and just stick with them. But you should really take the time to explore the waters of the car insurance market, because there are most definitely savings to be had. Before making the final decision on a policy, consider the tips laid out in this article.

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First, start with family members or friends who have been involved in an accident. Ask them how their insurance company handled the claim, and if they felt that the claim was handled satisfactorily. How an insurance company stands by its customer in the event of an accident will say a lot about whether or not that insurance company is the one you should go with.

Check blogs for ratings and comparisons on car insurance. Authors may weigh in with their personal experience with auto insurance companies and individual agents, and these anecdotes can be helpful in assisting you in determining who is on the “Maybe” list, and who is getting crossed off. Plus, you may be able to see at-a-glance info on average premiums, deductibles, and how quick and efficient insurance companies are at addressing claims.

Look for articles about insurance companies that are relevant to your geographical location. Auto insurance policy info for Florida drivers won’t be of much relevance if you’re living in and/or commuting to Washington, D.C. – in this instance it’s the Washington DC auto insurance articles that you’ll want to seek out.

Take the time to fill out a quote. While quotes often require several pages worth of clicks and inputted info, the result is a detailed policy that provides coverage that’s relevant to you based on the car you drive, what type of driving you do (urban vs. rural, driving for work or for pleasure, etc.), and what type of driver you are. And remember, always be honest about traffic tickets, accidents, and other violations: most car insurance companies do credit checks, so even if you don’t report violations to them, they’ll find out anyway, and “adjust” (aka inflate) your premiums accordingly.

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