Show on the Road – 6 Secrets to Nailing Your Next Exhibition or Trade Show

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If you have visited exhibitions and trade shows in the past, then you will be well aware of how they work. You turn up, browse the many stalls, and look for those that stand out from the crowd. You also might indulge in a few sweet treats from catering stalls along the way! Knowing what you like and dislike is half the battle for creating your standout stall, but here are six other ways you can nail your next exhibition.

Fan of Freebies

People love freebies, it’s a part of human nature, and everyone wants to get something for nothing. Let it be you that offers it. By investing in branded corporate gifts, you can stand out from other businesses handing out boring old flyers. Give trade show visitors branded bags they’ll carry around for the rest of the event, or even caps and beanies. Brand recognition through promotional products can make a world of difference to your business.

Stall with a Difference

At any given trade show, which is one of the most profitable marketing strategies, there can be hundreds of stalls fighting for their share of the customer base. Whether you’re selling products or services, it pays to be different. Buy the most massive booth you can afford and use colors that will make it stand out, but that still promote your brand. Then, focus on making it look more functional and less “stall-like.” For example, if you sell ice creams, buy a giant blow-up ice cream that towers above everything else.

Professional Help

Not everyone has the personality or knowledge on how to market themselves or their business in a public setting. Getting help is okay. You can hire promo people to promote your business on the day, wearing your branding and handing out your promotional products. Hiring someone to work alongside you also frees you up for taking customer inquiries on-site.

Pre-Event Build-Up

Every day on Facebook, over 35 million people view a public event. That’s a lot of potential interest in your brand or business. Create pre-event hype by creating an event on your business Facebook page, or sharing the one you will be attending. Ensure as many people as possible know who you are, what you are doing, and where you are going to be. Publish this information on as many digital platforms as you can, reminding people days and weeks in advance.

Mascot Magic

If you don’t think you’re charismatic enough to pull off a significant marketing stunt, then why not leave it in the capable hands of a mascot? Let’s say you sell bamboo pillows. You can generate buzz by dressing up as a panda and parading yourself around the trade event. Children will want pictures, adults will smile and laugh, and everyone will want to know you!

Encourage Repeat Visits

It’s not enough to be at a trade show, handing out freebies and giving people your business card. Create attraction within your stand that encourages people to come back and see you. Excellent examples could be guessing the number of jellybeans in a jar, or holding a photo competition. Let your imagination run wild – as long as you stay within your stall space. By going the extra mile and encouraging repeat visits to your stall, you can increase the likelihood of securing business.

There is a lot of stiff competition at any trade show or exhibition, but only if you don’t put in 110 percent. If you plan on going to any event soon, start laying down the groundwork today. You may be more of a standout than you thought possible.

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