Six Unimportant Things That Make Me Happy

This tag is from Dee of “Tales From The Moms Side”. These are unimportant things for we can live without them. Apparently, these six unimportant things make me happy for some reasons.

1. slip ons – I’m more comfortable wearing slip ons that’s why I love buying them. These six pairs are my favorite and they make me happy.

2. bags and purses -I seldom use bags because I’m a stay-at-home Mom but collecting them makes me happy.

3. bracelets – I can’t leave the house without a bracelet. I have few of them that makes me happy.

4. my beauty rituals – I’m not wearing much make up but I love collecting them. I’m addicted to lotion and moisturizers.
5. perfumes – don’t need to explain. Perfume is every woman’s favorite.
6. chocolates – I was advised by my doctor not to eat chocolates but they are irresistible.

I’m tagging everyone who wants to share the six unimportant things that make them happy.

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  1. Mars @ The Life Encounters says:

    Wow sis, that’s a lot of make-up you have there! 🙂 I like buying them before too, but I realized I don’t really use them, so I stopped. And same here… cannot resist chocolates too! Yum!

  2. it^’s good to know more about you Butterfly! Nakakatuwa talaga mga babae noh pagdating sa ano hilig natin ^_

  3. Ma-kikay pala si Mommy Rosell!!Meron na naman akong nalamang bago sa yo!Thanks for sharing!!Pareho tayo–perfume lover!!

  4. ang saya! you’re so kikay pala 😉 kikay things make me happy too 😉

  5. I love cadbury too!

  6. Hi Rossel, happy Mother’s day.. I read your comment at Lee’s blog, magkabday pala tayo hehehe..

  7. happy mother’s day Ms. Rossel.. You and my wife will get along with number 5 hehehe..

  8. chubskulit says:

    Oiiist dami naman ng collections natin hehehe..

  9. wow teRoss..dami natin abobot ah…hehehe…likewise…love purses, shoes, and jewels…hehhehe….women..women….:)

  10. Hi Rossel, Wow, I see some very high maintenance here, ha ha. Just kidding.
    I dare not count the number of shoes, handbags my wife has. Thats being suicidal, ha ha.

    I love L’air du tempe perfume….
    By the way, if free pop over to my place, new posting might interest you.
    Have a nice weekend, Lee.

  11. I can’t find unimportant things that make me happy. Everything in my life is important. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  12. I agree with you on every one of these! :o)

  13. I am a chocolate addict..hahah.. and cadbury is one of my faves..

    i like all your slip ons esp the one behind the black. I bought one yesterday on sale. even though i cant wear it this winter but i just bought it for summer..hehehe..

  14. Grabe huh, ang shoes laging nasa listahan at ang purses, wahahahahha!

  15. Hi Ross, pare-pareho lang talaga mga babae ano? Hubby once told me I inherited Imelda marcos hubbies daw collecting shoes. SAbi ko di naman masyado hahahaha.
    About sa flower I think meron yan dyan kasi native daw tong bleeding heart (dicentra)in Asia and north america. Gandang bulaklak no the pink resembles a shape of a heart with a drop of blood descending. Madrama tong bulaklak na ito. Gawan kaya nating alamat hahaha. Thanks for dropping by God bless!

  16. Ikaw talaga kahit bawal kinakain mo! hehehe! E ang sarap naman kasi diba?

  17. Oh, I love, love Cadbury too! And kagaya tayo: lotion and moisturizers lover.

    Thanks for doing this, Rossel!

  18. yung #s 4,5,6 naku bawal na bawal sa asthma yan..buti at di naman ata ikaw apektado pag gumagamit ka nyan kase di ako pede dyan lalo na sa lotion at pabango dahil nga sa asthma…

  19. analou says:

    Hello Ross. I love #1 to 5. I ate chocolate but just a bite. I am not totally into sweet foods but a bite of chocolate won’t hurt me. Hehhehehheeh…. You know what, my husband told me many times….why you, women love buying, clothes, shoes, purses, etc when you don’t need them? MY answer is simple….It’s hard for you (my husband) to understand because you’re not a woman…..Right? God bless Ross and thank you always for dropping by…

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