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Speculate to Accumulate: Small Businesses Growing Need for New Technology

Small businesses no longer need to have a small attitude thanks to the evolution of the Internet and the fact that it can so easily disguise the size of a business and create a level playing field in the industry. A small business often has a smaller budget to work with; they are not on the same scale as global brands and therefore have to make wiser decisions in order to maintain the future and the security of the business.

Technology, however, is not an area that can afford to be neglected. Technology within a business can come in any form, but can easily transform the success of the company and positively impact the way operations and functions are carried out. From a BlackBerry to a desktop computer, there are elements of each device that can be beneficial to a business and serve as the perfect investment.

The Plight of the Small Business

A smaller sized company has a great deal of work to do in order to raise their profile and to begin to match the growth of bigger competitors. From the initial start up, small business owners need to be constantly mindful of cost considerations and are often forced to have small staffing numbers and limited technological items simply as there is not the budget for it. However, at the same time, small businesses will only become identifiable with a good reputation, a strong customer base and an efficient process that will gradually encourage more people to take notice.

new technologyCost is the area that prevents an investment in technology, as there is no guarantee that there will be a return. In most cases, technology will further the cause of the brand.

The Support of Technology for Small Businesses

70% of UK business start-ups begin in the owner’s front room that is made possible with devices that can be accessed anywhere allowing a business to remain online focused until growth begins.

Technology also means that the role and the influence of the employee is very different and works to the benefit of a new and/or a small business. Contracting and outsourcing work is a cheaper alternative to taking on permanent employees. The work is being done for the fraction of the cost whilst maintaining a high standard. This method is used regularly by bigger brands as a cost saving tool.

Work can be completed at home, with collaborators from across the globe and mobile, as people are able to utilise their smartphones to work continually through their spare time. 59% of people believe that the office will eventually become a paperless environment as we continue to embrace and adapt to life with technology.

The Change to the Small Business

Technology has been the sole cause for the improvements in business and document and information processes that have led to the increase in productivity and small businesses being able to compete against the biggest names in the industry.

Adopting the same methods as bigger brands will enable the small business to continue to grow and be a constant competitor. Although there seems to be a larger outlay in order to begin this process, it is worthwhile as a small business will either hold its position or will blossom into a bigger brand.

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