Smartbro Part 2

October and November were difficult for me because of our intermittent internet connection. My husband was calling Smartbro, our internet provider’s customer service and their agents had the same answer: “technical adjustment on their base station”, the base station where we are getting our signal. When we didn’t get any result after a month, I decided to blog about our problem with Smartbro’s service last November 3 and got an answer from Smartbro’s Social Media Services on November 8 on my comment box.

Hi ,
We would like to help you regarding your Smart Bro concern, please email us your account details at

Thank you
Social Media Services
Smart Communications

So my husband emailed them immediately. He explained that we wanted our internet connection to be transferred to another base station wherein the signal is good. After a week, our request was granted. On the third week of November, their line men fixed our antenna and faced it to the other base station. We are connected to that base station for one month now and I can say though there are times we are having slow connections, we are not experiencing intermittent connections anymore.

I have proven that blog really do wonders. Thanks to Smartbro for attending to our request.

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  1. buti ka pa mahal ni smartbro.. ako hindi heheh. wla sila signal dito sa house.. pero nkkataka ung wireless nmn meron na ha heto nga at nkkpag blog hop na ko after 48 years hehe

    musta ang NY jan?? dito ang ingay na hehehe

    Wishing you a very prosperous and happy 2010 Rossel!

    Take care always,

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  2. oh. I have problem too with smartbro.. you're just one lucky subscriber to get the attention of Social Media Services. I also experienced no connection last year for almost two months and later was disconnected due to base station problem too.. i have smartbro problem too.

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