Software for Customized Football Practice Drills

My family is a big fan of sports. We spend hours upon hours cheering for our favorite team with that particular logo on their jersey. To other people, sports are just games and there’s nothing to get excited about. But for my family, most especially my dad who used to be a basketball coach, sports are the most enjoyable and loveable aspect of life. I have seen my dad a hundred times on court, directing and strategizing while drawing plays on his chalk board. Maybe if software systems for sports plays and drills were already available then, his team won a hundred times as well.

According to my cousin who is a football player in Chicago, their coach is using a software that enables him to design customized football practice drills and set plays. These plays are being shared to the team players online to let them know of their specific responsibilities. That way, they can prepare before their practical training sessions and the big game. The said software is also used to track the players’ performances and developments thus, a more organized team and a very effective coach.

Though it is no longer surprising, still, I am amazed as to how technology touches the field of sports. A few people say that the influence of technology on training and performances is undermining the spirit of modern games, but for me and for others who love sports, it made a great impact on how many sports are played. And if only my Dad’s memory is still as sharp and only if he is still as agile as what he used to be 30 years ago, I am sure he would want to have a software to assist him in his coaching.  That would be a hundred trophies for his team.

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  1. In this modern age, almost everything can be done with the use of the internet and modern technologies

  2. However fast-changing and developing technology is, it’s amazing how it misses a generation. You’re right to think how your Dad would have found such software useful to his career.

  3. This must be much better than the boards with those tiny magnets representing players no? 😀

  4. same here, my dad is into tennis. and i regret the fact that i was so very “unathletic” as a child/teen.

  5. It’s really amazing how much of an impact technology has made in our lives in just a short period of time. It wasn’t so long ago when technology was only accessible to the privileged few. Now, we can’t seem to do without it.

  6. with the advanced technology everything is possible nowadays, amazing softwares comes out in the market nowadays whether for business, pleasure, sports and even for home improvement. i would like to collect handy softwares, just thinking will it make me a super mom? ahaha

  7. It’s nice to combine technology and sports as we don’t always have the luxury of the outdoors nor space so it would be good to do drills guided by software.

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