Some Facts About Perfume

I love collecting colognes and perfumes. It gives me satisfaction for no apparent reason. I started collecting them because my friends and relatives gave me perfumes as gifts. Among my collections my favorites are Eternity by Calvin Klein because of its romantic, floral scent and the CK One Summer also by Calvin Klein because of its light and fresh fragrance with some orange notes.

Almost all people like wearing perfumes, from students, workers, housewives, even the old ones. Perfume came from a Latin word “per fumus” meaning through smoke. In ancient times they used to burn herbs, resins, etc. and this produced different smells. It was not only used to smell good but also for healing purposes. The French later gave the name parfum to the pleasant smells that drift through the air from burning incense. Before perfume was a single flower fragrance. Today perfumes are becoming more complex and bottling became more important. We are very lucky because we have plenty perfume brands and scents to choose from.

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  1. tsiremo says:

    isa lang parfum ko…lacoste green.. satisfied using it hehe

    san ka sa batangas ate rossel?

  2. Oiiist really ako kasi mahilig sa perfume din, am not very particular with purses and shoes but perfume.. Kakambal na nga siguro kita hehehe..

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