Sorry, Busy Again

We had no internet connection for almost 2 days. It was like losing 10% of my life. lol! I don’t think I can live without internet anymore. It’s part of my everyday routine, learning and earning from it. I have lost lots of opportunities. Smartbro is pissing me off. Grrr! (Parang ayokong bayaran bill ko sa susunod…hehehe!)

Sorry to all my blogger friends for not visiting again quite often. It’s my daughter’s exam week. I am busy doing her reviewers and reviewing her. Hope I could finish it this morning so I could blog hop this afternoon. Thank you all for always visiting me. Have a great day, guys!

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  1. No problem,dear!!Ganyan din ako minsan–popping in and out sa ere!!^_^ Take your time!!

  2. napadaan lang. yup pati mga friends ko busy dahil exam week ng mga anak nila. 🙂

  3. family is more important than blogging dear, so ok lang na di ka maka visit minsan 🙂 have a nice day tomorrow!

  4. Good luck with your daughter's exams. As parents we never stop worrying and studing with our kids.
    It's a difficult time for me with my sister's illness and i don't do much blogging. I miss it,too.

  5. same with me.. exam week of my little girl.Hows ur gerd? …mine is still recovering.. huhuhuhuhuhu. some tips naman dyan..herbal? what u think?

  6. Yeah… There are things that are more important than blogging 2lad ko ngayon lang nakabalik kase may ginawa akong mas mahalaga.hehe

    Tama ka sa hula mo sa pix.hehe tnx po sa visit

  7. Your daughter's exam should be more important than blogging.
    I was away from the internet for 4 days, too, because my husband took me up north for our wedding anniversary get-away. "That" is far more important than blogging. LOL

  8. DanaTelecom says:

    I hope that you bloging again soon.

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