Spams on the Web

I received an email last week. It says it was a yahoo account verification alert. So I filled out the required fields and when I was about to send my reply, I noticed that I was about to send it to this e-mail address… I had a second thought because why did it use and not instead? Then it has a warning below asking me to update my account within 24 hours or I will lose my account permanently.
I did not update my account nor send any reply on the above e-mail address. I want to know if I am going to lose my account permanently. Well, nothing happened because until now I can still read my e-mails. What if I sent my personal information? I couldn’t imagine the damage it will cause me if ever. Yes that was one of those spam e-mails. These spammers are very good. They will send us e-mails as if they are really from yahoo, with all those logos or icons, to deceive us. I am receiving 2-3 spam e-mails everyday. Where did they get my e-mail address?

Before blogging became my hobby, I was hooked to social network sites and other websites that promised I can earn big. I signed up to countless of them and of course signing up means giving my personal information and e-mail address as well. That’s how careless and naive I was or should I say…stupid.

I have learned my lessons and am now aware that these spammers are everywhere. We should be careful and sign up only on sites recommended by friends. These websites can steal our information and pictures and post them to other dirty websites or use our information somewhere else. Not only that, add only people who you know and be careful on what you post on these websites for anyone can see it.

Let us be responsible and be aware on everything that is happening on the web.

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  1. I haven't recieve any of that emails yet that is why any thing that comes to my email and I don't know where it came from and it is not on my contact list it will be flgged us SPAM!!
    I am also kind of worried about sites of getting paid specially when they ask already my SSN I am so hesitant to do it least it is recommended by a friend and almost everybody join it then I feel ok about it.
    One time my friend has a paypal account her account is being hacked and even how many times and how hard she change the password still it is hacked. Thankfully she told that to us and immediately I went to my paypal and found out that hubby put our bank account number there and you could even see how much was there. I immediately edited everything what was in the account and checked every moment if something suspicious is happening from our banking online.
    Thankfully nobody hacked us but what if somebody did it geez it is a lot of trouble and a mind boggling thing to make the mess straight.
    And also be careful of ebay so many people there post like they are true but just spammer or somebody who steal your identity or just get your money.
    What a world huh!!

  2. Yes, we should really be careful with what we do in the Internet these days. And daming swindler daw kasi…

    Take care, Rossel. 🙂

  3. It happened to me Ross before. Now I am very careful not to give infos to this online scam..I say. Mu hubby always reminded me to be very careful in what to type in her because many people around the globe is trying to scam you and to steal your identity. It just happened to me lately. I did not lost any penny but I am morally being harass.

  4. beware of hoax emails.. ako naman sa paypal ko change password daw ano sila hilo alam kong hoax yon hehe..

    good thing you did not reply kasi they are phishers din for sure

  5. Rossel, naku, maraming ganyan, karamihan di ba mga LOTOO winner ka raw, then they will ask for all your 8infos, bank account and all that kind of crap. Hay ang daming manloloko sa mundo. Need talagang alert ka sa mga ganyan., Ako eh delete agad, kahit mga forward na paulit ulit..

  6. Your story is a good reminder mommy rossel, to remind us to be careful giving out personal information. I've known stories of people who were scammed by it. You take care!

  7. good that you did not send your reply tita roselle. i also received that stupid email thrice!i had doubts that's why i did not do it.

    i wrote an email to the yahoo cust service and they did not revert to the email i sent.dang.

  8. don't fall for that tokaya, I been getting those and from pang address but I never bother to do it.. its a spam..

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