Spread the Love in the Workplace

It’s the month of hearts and it’s time to spread some love. Cheesy as it might sound, you might want to spread some love in the workplace and make it a happier place to work at. It is easy to get caught up with all the piles of paperwork, the battery of meetings, and the long hours of overtime work. A little TLC spread in the workplace will give your employees just enough push to want to keep on going, going, and going.

love in the workplace
Pump up the Energizer bunny in your employees with these tips:

Be generous with praise – a little pat on the back every now and then or a small note to commend an employee for a job well done is always appreciated. Make sure it is sincere. You do not want your employees to feel like your buttering them up for some underhanded ulterior motive. Honest compliments and acknowledgement will show your employees that their efforts are being noticed. This will encourage them to do more and work towards advancing in their career within your organization.

The little things count too – you might not think much of installing a coffeemaker in your employee lounge, but ordinary employees do appreciate a place where they can be comfortable when they take their breaks. Having the basic equipment like a coffeemaker, a microwave oven, and maybe even a small snack bar will save your employees from making a trip down your building and around the corner to the local coffee shop.

Show compassion – remember that your employees are humans. They need rest too. Do not be overly demanding in terms of work hours, sick days, and vacations. This does not, in any way, increase productivity. It is a given that you have to observe standards in terms of number of sick days and vacation leaves, lest some employees take advantage of these to slack off. Give your employees room to live their lives outside of the workplace. A good work-life balance has been proven to result in better productivity and more motivated employees.

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