Hubby and I went to CDR King yesterday to purchase a cooling pad for our net book. We have to select the most efficient model and look into multiple designs and take note of the price since we are not wealthy. The sales clerk however, has to go up the ladder repeatedly to get the designs because what we were asking for are on the top shelf. While going through the different models, we noticed that the sales attendant has become impatient (making faces, a change in the tone of the voice). I want to give her a Batangueña tongue-lashing but then I just shrugged it off. We picked up the model we wanted and paid for it.

We have nothing against CDR King. In fact, we bought almost all our needs such as hewlett packard toner cartridges, computer accessories and gadgets from them. Maybe it’s late in the afternoon and she’s tired specially in climbing the ladder. Maybe sales are low. Maybe she just broke-up with her boyfriend. Whatever her reason is, it’s definitely not good for the business.

According to Changing Minds, you got to have these three selling attitudes when dealing with customers: confidence, pride and care. Clearly, they failed miserably in the “care” department because we will not be visiting that branch from now on.

By the way, clueless about the title of the article? SSS means Selling Skills Sucked. It is suggested by my husband. He really is creative when it comes to composing article titles.

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