How to Start a Business in Australia

Australia has become a prime location for people to start new businesses because of the outstanding economy. There seems to be a consensus among business owners that now is a better time than ever before to get a piece of the Australian market. Cities like Brisbane are booming with opportunities. Large and small businesses have an equal chance to succeed, but it’s best to consult with a migration agent such as Hunt Migration in Brisbane or your intended destination (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide?) first. If you have ever thought about opening a business down under, you will find the necessary steps to do this outlined in this article.

business in Australia

You will need to deal with federal, local and state/territory agencies in order for you to successfully open a business in Australia. All businesses in the country must be properly registered. Taxation is the main reason this is so important. Your Internet domain name and the name of your business need to be registered. A business license will need to be applied for by certain businesses, depending on where they are located and what they do.

Registering your business name

A company’s name must be on file and registered with the territory or state government where the company is located. This is required if a person is operating a business that has a name that differs from their own. The registration of a company name is the only way to obtain a domain name. Many companies make a large percentage of their profits from online sales. Therefore, in order for a company to be successful in Australia, it is critical that the company is registered. It is important that a company choose a name that has not already been registered in Australia. A new name must be selected if the company’s name is already being used by another company in Australia.

The government agency known as the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) is in control of the national business names index. The names of all businesses and associations legally registered to operate in Australia are on this list. It is free to view the list and find out which names have already been selected. Before you submit your registration application, be certain that your company name does not infringe on any trademarks.

Legal responsibilities of employers

When a company employs people in Australia, there are several legal obligations that it has to satisfy. The company is required to register with the Australian Taxation Office. The company also needs to comply with safety and health standards, abide by all employment conditions and terms, pay superannuation contributions, pay wages according to the State and Federal awards and keep accurate employment records.

Migration agent

If you are a citizen of a foreign country and you are going to live in Brisbane or another city in Australia, you will need help with the migration process. A migration agent will tell you the correct forms that the government requires you to file. An experienced migration agent will make sure that you have no problems becoming an Australian legal resident.

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