16 thoughts on “Starting A Business In The Food Industry with Professional Business Cards

  1. Starting a business truly requires a lot of risk. But, I guess, one of the most successful businesses, is in the food industry. As what they say, all of us buy food in all forms – raw, cooked, processed etc.

  2. Food business is huge these days especially here in the USA. A lot of people are so busy and have no time to cook their own meals so they tend to go to restaurants. I may not be a business savvy, but I know it takes a lot of work, patience, money and a lot of your time planning out about your business. It kind of scary too though having your own food business or restaurant. You got to be committed, passionate about food, dedicated, and ready physically and mentally for the challenge.

  3. Starting a food business sounds exciting but can mean a lot of work. I think this is only meant for those who a have a passion for cooking and eating.

  4. Admittedly, I am one of those who dreamed of having their own food business. Sounds like a really big decision to make but it is sure doable with proper financing and the ability to run one.

  5. Food business is indeed one that could really earn a profit simply because, as being said, it is a basic need. But every business though, as long as it is well-managed, well-planned and meets people’s needs and tastes will surely bloom.

  6. That is what I also thinking, that food business will surely thrive as people will surely eat. Just making sure though that the food you are serving is somewhat unique from others or maybe you have a specialty that others don’t have.

  7. I remember that I have wished that if ever I can have a chance to start up a business, it will be on a foodie thing. At ako ang cashier. ^^

  8. My husband and I just talked about setting up a business in the near future. I want a small canteen close to the school back home. But he doesn’t like the idea. Because it’s tiring daw…well, I’ll just think of something else.

  9. I believe food business is a good choice of business these days.. people loves to eat and dine out but you’re right starting a food business is not easy it entail a lot of responsibilities…

  10. i heard from someone that the food industry is booming these days, even though there are hundreds of thousand of restaurant popping each year people would still want to invest in it that’s because it’s one of the main necessities of human being. People eat 3 times a day and if they happen to love your restaurant because of the great food, good service and clean area, they will come back and refer some friends and family to try out your food. it’s a risky business though.

  11. I am not good in math but I love running my own business. I tried online selling and it went well. I wanna try selling brownies this December but I am still contemplating.

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