After the Rush: Strategies to Keep Your Sales Up After the Holidays

The Christmas rush is over and consumers tend to hold off on their spending to recover from their holiday expenses. For businesses, this obviously means dwindling sales figures. They consequently end up with excess inventory and less revenues to work with. Although peaks and dips are realities that businessmen have to face, they do not necessarily have to sit and just wait until business picks up again. With a little brainstorming, you can come up with ideas to keep your sales up after the holidays.

One of the strategies that you can use to keep your sales up is to hold a clearance sale. Even if people are less inclined to shop at this time, it does not mean that you cannot tempt them with offers that are too good to resist. This will drum up your sales and move the goods that are idly sitting in your inventory. If you have a database or an email list of your customers, you can send them exclusive clearance sale offers. You can make use of the social networks in promoting your post-Christmas sale too. This way, you also do not have to spend so much on advertising.

Throwing in an additional service for free when your customers buy from you or avail of your services during the first quarter of the year is also a great way to keep your sales up. Your free service should translate to savings on the part of the consumers. It could be by way of monetary value or what they would have to pay for the service. It could also be by way of added convenience for them, perhaps saving them from having to spend time and money to pick up a product or to get the service done by another provider.

You can be creative in strategizing to keep your sales up. Think about what added value you can give your customers to give them a strong enough reason to do business with you at a time when they have less money to spend. When you do this, you can be sure that your sales revenues will continue its upward trend no matter what season it is.

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One thought on “After the Rush: Strategies to Keep Your Sales Up After the Holidays

  1. Hi Rossel– Good points, and got me thinking about ideas to throw out to my current clients and some prospects I have been working with. Thanks for making me focus on my OWN marketing ideas this morning!

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