Striking a Work-Life Balance – Your Key to Making Your Employees More Productive

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. There is truth to this adage that business owners should understand. Loading employees with piles of work will eventually affect their productivity. There are management studies that support this. Employees who are overworked are more prone to errors and performance setbacks. Employees who have the time for both work and pleasure, on the other hand, are more motivated and are in a better mental disposition to do whatever needs to be done. Employers do not really have to worry about the financial side of allowing employees to strike a work-life balance. The enhanced productivity that comes after what might seem like “idle” time gives a handsome payoff.

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Paid vacations and rest days are often mandated by labor agencies. Apart from these, you also have to give your employees ample time for breaks during their work day. Maintaining reasonable work shifts is also recommended. Some employees might be tempted to go on endless overtimes in order to finish their projects, or perhaps even to earn more than their regular salaries. Some management experts believe that if you need your employees to work for more hours, there is something wrong with your processes or your manpower complement. You have to review both of these aspects of your business on a regular basis to check if they match your production demand and profitability goals. Your employees do not have to sacrifice work-life balance because of the operational issues of your business.

Work-life balance gives the employees the chance to relax and refocus their lives. The reality is that these people are working to live and achieve their own personal dreams and aspirations. What is the use of working hard to earn more money, if they cannot enjoy their lives outside of the work place? An employee who solely thinks about work all the time will likely get burned out and eventually turn in mediocre work. Giving ample time for employees to be with their families and friends will actually reinforce the reason why they are working so hard in the first place. When they are given time to enjoy their lives, they come back to work with a fresh perspective and renewed motivation to keep on working.

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