Sudden Change In Weather

I thought April is still summer. I remember our swimming last year was some time in April. I had asthma attacks these past weeks because it was really hot but now it is raining cats and dogs here in our place for 4 days. My daughter can’t play outside. She’ll sleep this afternoon and I promised her that she can play outside when she wakes up but it is raining again. I am wondering of the sudden change in weather. Is it because of the global warming? If it is raining heavy now, how heavy will it be on rainy days?

Let us start doing our part to fight the global warming. Let us reduce our energy consumption by increasing the efficiency of our vehicles, purchase appliances which advertise energy efficiency, replace the light bulbs in our house with compact fluorescent bulbs, etc. Let us start recycling and avoid using plastic bags, plastic bottles, and the likes. Let us filter our tap water instead of buying bottled water and use eco bags instead of plastic bags every time we go shopping.

Yes, this is easily said than done but I will try my best to do my share in saving the mother earth. By doing so, may be we can enjoy longer summer in the following years and our children can enjoy their vacations by playing more outside.

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  1. Naku eto nga kakaulan lang dito ngayun. Summer na summer pero madalas umulan. At pag uminit namn e sobrang init. At dapat talaga magkaisa tayo magtulong tulong para ma save natin si mother earth! Thanks nga pala for following my blog. E ako naman kasi anonymous lang kung mag follow at marami kasing makukulit jan na namimilit. hahaha!

  2. We are having crazy weather here too. This weekend is going to be 80 degrees. That is a record here for April.

    p.s. I added this blogs link to my blogroll.

  3. Dito din, paiba iba ang weather. Kaya nga lagi na lang ako may allergy, gawa ng mainit tapos bigla uulan. Dyan di na pala ganon din??

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  5. The tribute to your husband really touch my heart. He is a great man and he is a very lucky man to have you. Love is soooooo precious!

  6. I love the pic–maganda ang pagkakakuha!
    Tama!Dapat mag-umpisa tayong lahat to save Mother Earth bago mahuli ang lahat!

  7. Hi Sel, naku ang weather namin dito baliw din.. one day mainit tapos sunod na araw ang lamig…

  8. Just came to thank you for the visit and comment. Also to let you know that you are already linked to my blog.. See you again..

  9. Grrr!


    Love Mother Earth!

    Magsimula tayo sa mga sarili natin!

  10. ito ang mga tipo kong post.hehe

    madami nga ang nagtataka? bakit umuulan, e summer na summer? siguro, nagpaparamdam na talaga ang kalikasan. kumbaga, lumuluha na ito sa hapding idinudulot ng bawat mapanirang gawain natin.

    sana naman, habang maaga..habang pwde pa, ayusin na natin ito.

  11. Mary Elizabeth says:

    This is great. We all should and must do something about it.
    I’ll do my part for sure.

    Thank for stoppyn by my blog.
    Mary Elizabeth @ Now and Then “The Blog”

  12. I really did not like this sudden change.. I was suppose to get the laundry dried, but it didn’t because of this rain…

  13. oo nga, dapat umaaraw pa e, nkakaalarm na talaga, nalulungkot na nga din ako e, kasi parang di na mganda ung weather na naeexperience ng kids natin. samantalang us, nku di ba ang ganda ng weather noon? pag summer, summer talaga, pero di naman kainitan, not like ngayon na super init talaga.

    hay, tama ka, let’s all do our share in saving Mommy Earth. ingat!

  14. kakagulat nga e minsan iinit tas uulan naman..sira na talaga ang mundo natin…kung kelan summer saka umuulan…

  15. I like this post. Yes, I agree, we should start doing our share of taking care of nature before it becomes to late.

    I also noticed the weather now. It just rained heavily today and it’s supposed to be in the height of summer. Weird. Yeah, maybe something to do about global warming…

    Oh, and I like the picture here too. Very nice. 😀

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