Summer’s Best Family Activity

It is summer once again. It is the whole family’s most awaited season. Who wouldn’t love summer? It is the best season to spend with our family, the season for vacation trips, outings, camping and swimming.

Swimming is one activity that our dear RJ enjoys the most. She loves water play and she can swim from morning ’til night just like a mermaid. I remember when she was still a baby, she was crying hard whenever we took her out of her tub. She just loves the splashes, the sprinkles and the bubbles. Now that she is eight years old, I can say that she is a good swimmer even though she does not have any formal swimming lessons, as if our swimming every summer and her plunging on her mini pool once in a while became her learning steps.

I cannot blame RJ if sometimes she loves water more than she loves me because I know how swimming can make us feel good. It is refreshingly good! Swimming is the best way to keep cool and the best family activity during the hottest days of summer. It is also a great way to stay fit; a great cardio exercise, calorie burner and endurance builder.

So what are you waiting for? Surf the net now for the best beaches and resorts where you can spend your summer this year. Just do not forget to bring your sun block with you to protect you from the scorching heat of the sun. Stay shaded too while you are not in the water.

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20 replies on “Summer’s Best Family Activity”

Is this in Club Manila East? Kids really love swimming! And families look forward to summer especially here in our country. Your RJ is pretty! Just make sure she has sunblock on so she won’t ruin that pretty skin 🙂

Oo nga ano summer na dyan sa Pinas at walang school din. Dito we are waiting for spring para naman makakita nang green. Don’t forget to put the sunscreen lotion! Happy MOnday!

You make me want to swim now because I’ve been deprived of it when I got pregnant and I haven’t really had time to go swimming. I wish this summer will be different!

Mommy Sel, wow.. nice place to cool down… wait mommy sel, how do you put the top commenters widget pala? hehehe 🙂

awesome photos!sarap lumangoy sa pool na yan, blue na blue and super ng-enjoy ang little mermaid mo. yes, summer is indeed the most enjoyable season. i love it!

here’s my yellow

We’re looking forward to summer too! Love the combination of colors in your photos, so summer-y!

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