It is so peaceful at sunset,
They show all dreams to be met
In it, memories are also held
There in your heart, your fears are quelled

As the sun dips low in the sky
It reminds you of all those times you flew high
And with those memories of soaring above,
You have the hope and strength to find new love

Because at that sunset you find peace
There, is where your fears all cease
For dreams you find your strength to fly
There, in that sunset sky.

~ Margaret Everard ~

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  1. Where is that beautiful sunset located?

    Rex Lee

  2. Such a tranquil place! I love the way the boat balances the people, with the pathway to the sun between them!!

  3. This is beautiful love the yellow glow from the sun. Happy weekend!


  4. Love the sun set and it looks like a dolphin frolicking… but I'm not sure. Happy Friday!

  5. Beautiful sunset! Beautiful place!

    I miss the beach. I miss scenes like this.

  6. This is lovely – tranquil and peacefu. I do like the silhouetter of the boat out on the left. Draws all the rest of the image into a whole. Nicely composed.

  7. Sizzling view!

  8. about web design says:

    Thats where my parents kissed… How 'bout yours? How did YOUR parents hook up…..? NOTHING DIRTY PLEASE!!! NOT IN THE MOOD!

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