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I haven’t been to a casino. I just see it on television and movies. Because I am a full time mom, I don’t have time to go there, until I learned about the online casino games and found the website of Super Casino TV that offers different casino games. Here you can play liveroulette TV. This is a liveroulette which is played like every other roulette game. All you have to do is simply switch your TV and play. This is like playing in a casino but at your own convenience. You can add money in your pocket without going anywhere. This is perfect for moms like me who wants to take some time off from household chores and earn extra without leaving the house.

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  1. I’ve never been to a casino either. I’m not much of a gambler really.

  2. hello rossel. thanks for visiting my blog. here for the first time… by the way, we can exchange links if you like. just let me know…

    oh… i’m also following this blog now.

    maxi of and

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m off to check your other blog out. Have a great day! :o)

  4. naku ako din di pa nakakapunta ng casino. Pero sana ang first time ko e sa last vegas. hehehe! Nangarap pa talaga. OO nga nag PPP ka na! Sana ako magawa ko din yan pag may extra time ako!

  5. Hello Ross. I have been in a casino once but I never played. When we visited Las Vegas, my husband brought me to one of the Casinos there because he wanted me to see the machines they were using. It’s overwhelming but it’s dangerous I think because you might loss everything especially if you become addicted to it. I think it’s okay to play as long as you know your limitation. Take care Ross and thanks for following my blog.

  6. hmmm, parang nag umpisa ka na nyan sa PPP? ang ganda na ng lay out mo

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