I love surprises. Who in their crazy mind wouldn’t love surprises most especially if it is a gift from someone they love so much? A surprise birthday party from hubby is the best ever I had. Take note, we were not married yet when he surprised me with a party…that was 14 years ago. I still remember, he fetched me from the office then asked me to accompany him to Araneta Center because he needs to buy something. I was so tired and pissed off because we were roaming the Araneta Center for 2 hours and still he hasn’t bought a thing yet. I didn’t know it was intentional to drag me somewhere away from their home while his parents are busy cooking and preparing for the party. When we went back to their house and he opens the door…SURPRISE! There were our officemates surrounding the table with food and cake while singing happy birthday. The cry baby me cried like a river…tears of joy. That was the first and only surprise birthday party I had. best birthday ever.

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  1. awww.. that is so sweet! kakuntsaba pala sya ng family mo. hihi. ang akala ko naman nisurprise ka nya with a date. better pa pala, kasi kasama sa surprise yung family ^^

  2. Nobody has ever done such surprises me is probably very nice

  3. Aww that was so sweet! I’d cry a river if I was given a lovely surprise birthday celebration too…

  4. Wow, if that was happened to me, I am sure I will cry like a baby too. I never had one like that Ross.

  5. awww, sweet naman ni ex-bf 🙂

    Mom-ME time linky is up, would love to see you join again sis.

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