Sympathetic Ophthalmia

When hubby had an eye irritation, the doctor prescribed antibiotic and steroids (both in drops), his initial finding was eye infection but he also explained to us the possibility of sympathetic ophthalmia. That was the first time we heard of sympathetic ophthalmia. The doctor explained that sympathetic ophthalmia is an inflammatory condition that affects both eyes. After an injury or infection to one eye, the other eye that is not injured sympathizes with the injured eye thus, it is also affected. It is a rare condition but can cause complete blindness to the patient.

Hubby’s right eye was hit by a stray bullet when he was 6 years old. It was not restored because the bullet hit the nerve that transmits light for the eye to see. Since then, hubby lives with just one eye…his left. Though the right eye is still there, it shrank and according to the doctor, there’s a possibility that hubby’s left eye sympathizes with his right eye. The accident occurred 32 years ago but the doctor said it may develop even 50 years after the eye injury. And if it happens, he won’t have any choice but to remove hubby’s right eye that will costs more or less Php50,000 ($1,190).

After some thorough tests that were done to hubby, there was no indication of sympathetic opthalmia. It was just an eye infection that was treated by antibiotic and steroids. Hubby’s left eye is okay now except for he really needs to wear glasses. God always answers our prayers. Praise Him!

(If you experience similar symptoms, see a medical assistant as soon as possible.)

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