The 80s and 90s Ballads

There are lot of songs that make me smile, mostly are from the 80s and 90s. They remind me of my younger years, my naughtiness and all…doing opposite of what my parents taught me, sneaking for a date, cutting classes (yes, I did that too) and doing stupid mistakes but I learned a ton of things as well. I learned to be independent, responsible and hardworking.

I have this MP3 compilation of the 80s and 90s ballads and my favorite is More Than You’ll Ever Know by Michael Ruff.

So mellow for the week’s Girls Talk theme, huh? But it is perfect for Sunday Song. It is not the song per se but it’s the story behind that makes me smile, the years when I was young, happy and foolish. And now that my daughter will be on her tweens in just a few years, I want to walk in her shoes again that were once mine. By doing so, I know I will be able to understand her while experiencing this confusing stage of growing up and together we will listen to the 80s and 90s ballads. Oh yeah, she loves them too. 🙂



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