Are Smart TVs Worth Your Money?

For a long period of time it seemed as if televisions were at risk of being left behind in the technology world. While other devices and gadgets were enjoying the likes of Internet connectivity and touchscreen interfaces, the humble TV market seemed content to focus on larger viewing areas and thinner sets. However, this all changed with the introduction of Smart TVs. Smart TVs make full use of on demand services, app integration and even social networking features, and they are an excellent addition to any home theatre or tech-savvy household.

smart TVs

Access On Demand Movies and TV Shows

The world has embraced streaming and on demand services. The likes of BBC iPlayer, Netflix and other similar services have opened up news ways of watching the latest TV shows and finding movies to sit back and enjoy. You no longer have to worry about waiting for episodes to be repeated on the programming schedule or remember to set up recording reminders to catch the latest episode. Most Smart TVs have these streaming services built-in, and you don’t need any fancy set top boxes or external devices to access them. All you need IS an Internet connection (and a subscription for some on demand programming) and you’re ready to browse huge catalogues of TV shows and movies which you can watch whenever you want.

Enjoy Apps and Interact with Friends

In some instances, Smart TVs are more like PCs than normal televisions. Of course, we all enjoy watching movies on a bigger screen and finding out what’s going on in our latest TV episodes, but Smart TVs also allow you to catch-up with all your favorite websites and social networks at the same time. Whether you’re addicted to Twitter, Facebook or messaging services like Skype, some Smart TV models allow you to use a picture-in-picture style mode so you can enjoy multitasking by watching a channel in one window while browsing your social network of choice in another. App support is another huge advantage of owning a Smart TV, and some manufacturers offer hundreds of different widgets and apps for you to download. Whether you want to read the latest news articles or just waste some time with a spot of gaming, you can control and access a huge range of information and entertainment features with your Smart TV remote.

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