Practice Safe Driving Habits

It’s been 4 months and a half since my youngest brother had a motorcycle accident. He lost control when someone from nowhere suddenly crossed the road. It was miracle that he survived together with his 2 back-riders. They were not wearing their scorpion helmets when the accident happened so my brother got bruises on his face, cut lips and he lost his 4 upper front teeth.


When my brother visited us last week, I was delighted to see that he has fully recovered. The wounds are healed and with his new dentures on, he looks as if nothing horrific happened. My whole family is so appreciative of his second life. He now learned his lessons and does not leave the house without his helmet on which he should have done long time ago.

After 4 and a half months…my brother with his girlfriend.
Noticed the scars on his cheek and chin?

He is so lucky for having a second life. But not everyone are as lucky as he is. More often than not, a serious motorcycle accident can change your entire life in a matter of seconds so practice safe driving habits. First, make sure you are prepared for a long road trip; then check if your motorcycle is in good condition and last but not the least always wear your protective gear.

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Life is Too Beautiful

What would you do if God gave you second life? You would treasure it and love it to the best that you can for sure. I hope that this is what my brother would do exactly when he gets well.

Last Sunday, I received a text message from my Dad informing me that our dear “Bunso” (youngest in the family) had a motorcycle accident. It was only yesterday that I got the chance to visit him and was shocked that the accident was really that freak. He can barely walk, cannot eat well because of the stitches in his mouth, his four front teeth were extracted, four front lower teeth were disaligned, he has wounds and bruises in the face, arms and legs. I cried upon seeing him. He has two back riders who got bruises too but my brother has the most severe injuries. What if something worst happened to him? How would the family take that especially our Mom? Click here is you want to see his pictures after the motorcycle accident.

My youngest brother with RJ.

Thank God my brother is quite better now. He is still lucky for God gave him second life and for that my family will always be grateful. Living a second life is the sweetest and most beautiful thing that could happen to a person. It is his chance to repent for his sins, to love everything he already has, a chance to be thankful for the things he has yet to receive, and his chance to be a blessing to others by doing things that are worthy in God’s eyes.

To my dear brother, you now have a plenty of time to make up for everything and do worthwhile things that you haven’t done. Love your second life as life is too beautiful to be wasted and lost in just a snap.


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