Causes of Acne

I am one of those who are blessed with acne-free skin. Even during my teen years where I had drastic hormonal change, I did not experience having acne or even pimple. Looks like it is in our genes as all of us have this acne-free skin except for my brother who used to have acne. He started to have little pimples when he was on his early teens that turned into acne when he was already in college. Now, his acnes are gone after using some acne products but there were lesions left on his skin.

Acnes are sign of adolescence. But why is it not fair? Most teens get acne at some point while some are not? Well, according to researchers, there are three main reasons for acne; the hormones, the diet and stress. What do you think caused yours?

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I am one of those lucky persons who have an acne free face and have not experienced having acne. But not all people are like me. There are people who are acne prone and my brother was one of them. I do not know if  it was hereditary or caused by stress on his job. But one thing is for sure, it affected his self confidence.  So I helped him research on ways in fighting acne. Of course there are many acne remedies but he did not want to use topical ointments  so he went for the vitamins and he changed his lifestyle as well by eating healthy, having regular exercise and having enough sleep. Now, he is acne free.

Well, acne is not unusual and it can affect people from teens to late forties but when severe acne flares, it is not normal. Believe me you would not like those nasty marks and blemishes to be left on your skin.

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