Security Assurance On Utilizing E-Currency

Everything that involves money would always need high level of security. Aside from the fact that everyone needs money to survive in this fast paced world, money for others is something that isn’t easy to obtain. They’ve invested so much energy and effort just to obtain such amount.

With speed up computers free of the hassle brought about by old age technology together with today’s advancement in technology, e-currency is slowly taking place our usual paper bills. Some people would prefer to use it because of the convenience that it offers. Everything is turning to be cashless as well as card-less.

However, there are still some people who are adamant to utilize e-currency because they aren’t confident on its security. They feel that anytime they can be robbed online.

These e-currency programs have their own way of securing the accounts of their subscribers. Some of them would require 3 levels of log in security processes like asking for passwords, numeric pin and even answering a pre-saved security question. If you fail to answer either of them, then you can’t open your account.

Even though these things exist, as the owner of the account, you should also be vigilant on protecting it. Do not click any links that you think would be compromising your account nor download any software that might be a way of obtaining your personal and security information.

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Technology And Its Role In Disaster Management

Today’s advancement in technology has become very useful especially when it comes to disaster management and rescue operations. Gone are the days of manual dispatch talking over walkie-talkies. These days, rescue teams are already equipped with high end gadgets that could even pinpoint your location within seconds.

disaster management

When disasters like fire, flood or earthquake happens, technology also plays a vital role especially during rescue and retrieval. Since almost everyone have cellular phones, contacting the authorities has been much easier. People are getting more aware of what’s happening because of live TV and radio broadcasting as well as social networking sites.

The latter has been the newest form of media and now it has been incorporated with the people’s handheld devices and getting updated aren’t just limited at home or in the offices.

Through advance technology, the emergency management team can already carry their mobile hospital. Victims can already be treated the very time the rescue team arrives and while they’re on their way to the health facility. Before, only first aid treatments are being provided but right now they are far beyond imaginable.

Technology doesn’t only help in the aftermath but also in the early detection and prevention of possible disasters. If before storms can only be detected when the wind starts to blow hard along with heavy rain, today they can even be named days before it reached a certain place. Even the speed can already be calculated as well as the direction on where it’s heading. Who would have thought that these data can be made available at this point of time?

10 years from now, we couldn’t just imagine the possible things that our technology can offer to us. One thing is for sure, it would make things easier thus making our lives easier to live as well. These are just speculations but are totally not impossible to happen.

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