Goodbye Allergies

RJ is sick again. She has cough, colds and slight fever and I am blaming her pet chicks. We all have allergies so pets with furs and feathers are prohibited but when RJ saw chicks a month ago, she asked me to buy them. I should have not tolerated it but I can’t resist her pleading eyes and her sweet smiles and so we went home with two chicks. But as the chicks grow, I feel like our allergies worsen because of the feathers and the strong smell of their poop. It smells like ammonia.

We should learn how to live with this allergy but still we need to take precautionary measures. We should clean the house regularly and have air cleaners as much as possible to maintain a healthy and allergy free home. But with the chicks how could that be possible? So this morning, we gave them away to a neighbor. RJ was a little sad but she understands. Now, our house is clean and smells good. Goodbye, allergies!

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