Understanding the Android World

Whenever someone would ask you what’s the operating system of your phone or tablet PC, do you really know how to answer it? Some might think it’s the model or the brand but it’s not. You may think not knowing is insane but yes, some people don’t know it.


Right now, one of the most popular smartphone and tablet PC’s operating system is Android. It’s Linux-based and a Google product and has been running in numerous cellphone brands like Samsung, LG and many more.

It first operated a phone in 2008 and two years after it has become the world’s leading smartphone platform. In fact it had a worldwide smartphone market share of 68% at the second quarter of 2012.

Its code is an open source for the sake of its maintenance and development and numerous app developers contributes to its growing Android Market which is now known as Google Play. These apps run in Java language using the Android System Development Kit. Even a 7-year old kid can make his own app, that’s why it is also an effective way of supporting the younger generation of developers on their quest to become the future moguls of technology.

What makes the android operating system better than the others is its availability to cheap mobile phones. You do not have to queue for longer lines just to get one. You don’t even have to exclusively download certain software just to make use of the available apps fully. They have a lot of free apps available for kill boredom and to help you out in your day to day living.

These days, owning an android phone is as easy as buying bread in the nearby bakery. It’s numerous and useful free apps is continuously making the operating system more famous and popular to the ever growing techie community.

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Going Mobile: Being Accessible to Your Customers Anytime, Anywhere

There is great value in businesses going mobile today. People live fast paced lives and are on-the-go most of the time. The popularity of such mobile devices as smartphones and tablets make it possible for consumers to do almost everything they need to do even while they are away from their home computer or their work station. Whether you have a courier service business or a retail goods store, you want your customers to be able to reach you anywhere they are and anytime they need to. This is the reason why a lot of companies are expanding their virtual presence from the internet to the mobile arena. Although these two have similarities in the way they benefit customers, there are expected differences owing to the technology used in these devices.

going mobile

Going mobile requires having a mobile website specifically programmed for various mobile operating systems. The most popular of these systems are Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Some people make the mistake of using the same internet website design for their mobile presence. Often, there are compatibility issues. Loading time is also a concern. A specialized mobile web design is necessary to ensure compatibility and ease of use. As such, you can use the same graphic components and overall theme as your online presence but you have to simplify your mobile web design so that it is faster to load and easier to navigate using mobile devices. The navigation buttons, for example, have to be just the right size and situated properly to make them easy to click or tap on the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. Businesses without the expertise to come up with their own mobile web design can avail of affordable packages from mobile web designers.

Mobile applications are also increasingly becoming popular these days for companies going mobile. Food companies often have recipe apps or nutrition counters that can be downloaded into mobile devices. App widgets are displayed on the home screens of mobile devices so that customers can use them whenever they need to whether they are online or not. There are experts who specialize in app development. There are also pre-programmed apps that businesses can already purchase and simply customize with their own brand. These apps, of course, demonstrate the practicality of the products and services offered by the companies. They effectively show customers how these products and services can actually add value to their everyday lives. Links to the relevant company mobile website, offers for subscription or consultation, and suggestions on product or service use among others are often key components of these apps.

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Feel Richer With Straight Talk

This post is brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hubby is currently on a prepaid plan with his cellular phone. He uses it for texting, making calls, sending pictures and for downloading music. However, he noticed that his monthly prepaid expenses have gone up and he’s thinking of switching to a postpaid plan. I violently disagreed because this will cost him more aside from the fact that he’ll be tied on a contract.

That’s why I envy my sister-in-law when she told me her current prepaid subscription on Straight Talk wherein for just $45 a month, she’ll be able to enjoy The power of Android and unlimited monthly services which include calls, texts, picture messaging and web access. What’s more, they also offer smart phones; touch screen phones, and app capable phones with features to satisfy your every need, with no contract to worry.

Just imagine the money you’ll save, you might get a brand new android phone plus all the apps you want, of course with Straight Talk’s unlimited use plans. There are no contracts, no surprise bills and no credit checks. I love the idea that I will Feel Richer with Android while cutting my cell phone bill in half. If only Straight Talk is available here (sigh). But if that happens, then for sure hubby and will be the very first subscribers.

If you want to Feel Richer with Android at only $45/month for unlimited use, you may check the Straight Talk ads below for more details.

The getting richer effect has expanded… by LittleBard95

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