Tear Jerker Video

It’s weekend so I let hubby used the PC. He downloaded episodes of The Pacific then watched it…and so I thought. It was so silent in our room, no sounds of pounding canons, blasting of bombs, impact and destruction so I was wondering why. When I entered the room, hubby was crying. I felt goose bumps for I very seldom see him in tears. He is a typical man who manage not to cry even on saddest moments. What happened?! When I looked at the monitor this is what I saw. He asked me to watch it so I did…

Then I just felt that my tears were running down my cheeks. The video is a touching story of an old father, a son and a sparrow. What a lovely tear jerker video…one of the bests I have watched in YouTube.

I know why hubby cried. It is not just because of the sad video. He can totally relate to it. There are times my father-in-law asks too many questions when sometimes there isn’t anything to ask about. For a person who doesn’t like to answer too many questions and who doesn’t talk much like my husband, it is annoying. There are times that hubby can’t hide his annoyance. I don’t know if my father-in-law gets hurt or if he is used to it. Don’t get it wrong though. Hubby is the best son I know. It is just sometimes he is not in the mood to answers questions most especially if they are not that important.

I just hope this video helped hubby to understand his father.

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