Choosing the Best Accommodations on Business Trip

accommodations on business tripWhen you have to go out-of-town or even out-of-the-country for a business trip, you want to make the most out of your travel – after all, it’s a chance to go to places you haven’t been to without having to worry about all the expense. You can choose your accommodations depending on the duration of your business trip and, of course, your budget. If you are going to stay a little while longer after all the business matters are finished, you will have to consider that your remaining days in your destination might not be covered as part of your business expense. A little planning in advance can help you make the most of the time and money you have during your business trips. Consider these locations where you can book your accommodations:

Hotels – these are the most common type of accommodations for business travellers, especially if the event or business meeting they are attending is going to be held in the same hotel. These hotels are equipped with most modern amenities. The basic room would have a bed, a television unit, a phone, and a mini bar. The bigger hotel chains would also have in-room internet connection. The advantage of booking a room at a hotel is that everything you need is with reach. There would be one or a couple of restaurants right at the hotel, a boutique, a business center, and a recreational facility in most hotels. Butler service, transportation, and tour guides are also often provided for you.

Serviced Residences and Apartments – those who intend to stay for days or weeks at length can choose to rent serviced residences or apartments. These are complete residential units contained in a building. Your unit will have its own kitchen, laundry area, dining room, living room, and bedrooms. Serviced residences have maid service so you do not have to worry about cleaning up. You do, however, have to take care of cooking your own meals. This type of lodging could be less expensive than hotel accommodations. But, you are basically left to attend to your own needs.

Private Villas or Chalets – some businessmen who want to incorporate rest and recreation in their business trips can opt to rent private villas or chalets. These are stand-alone homes that you can rent for the duration of your stay. It’s like your home away from home. You can make arrangements for a local to stock up your fridge and pantry for you every day. In some cases, you can hire someone to come on certain days to cook your meals for you. The attraction of these types of residences is that there often is some kind of recreational activity that you can engage in during your stay. Examples of this would be villas near a lake where you can go boating, beachfront homes that allow you to go for a dip in the morning before you head out for your business meeting, and ski lodges that give you a magnificent view of the slopes.

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How Can Our Politics Affect Housing Projects

Politics play a huge role in housing projects because it is the government that decides where funding will go and whether housing projects are initiated. For the most part, housing projects are created to better the community and help people live better lives, but as with everything in politics, there is always controversy.

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Here are some housing projects that are brought about because of politics:

  •  Low-Income Housing Projects: Throughout the history of the United States there have been several housing projects directed toward low-income families. They usually consist of small communities or apartment buildings that are subsidized by the government, meaning people can live there for less money than a place of comparable size elsewhere. These housing projects are directed toward people in all stages of life: those who are young and starting new families, or those who are retired and no longer make enough money to support themselves because of insufficient retirement planning. Low-income housing projects are controversial in politics because placing many low-income families in the same area can lead to higher crime rates because of demographics.

FHA Lending: These are mortgage loans endorsed by the government that don’t require a large down payment, which enables more people to get into a home.

  • FHA loans have been a bit controversial in politics over the years because saving a down payment shows the lender that a person is financially ready for homeownership and will be able to make payments. That’s why people who get FHA loans are usually required to pay mortgage insurance premiums — to protect the lender if the homeowner defaults. It is sometimes controversial in politics because the money used for FHA loans could be spent on other projects that help a greater amount of people.
  • Mortgage Refinancing: Sometimes people have a life-changing event or their income has not been rising sufficiently to combat the cost of living. This is when refinancing a mortgage is useful. It enables homeowners to have lower monthly payments, by extending the term of their loan. Sometimes politicians will rally the government to offer low-interest refinancing to help people afford their homes.
  • Housing Beautification Projects: Over time, communities become really run down because they are old and the building structures become compromised. Sometimes the government will put money into these communities to rebuild and make them a better place to live, through projects such as new housing development and community trash pickups or yard sales.

Since politicians are the ones responsible for deciding where the government money goes, through campaigns that citizens vote on, politics have a big effect on housing projects. So, whether you are looking at apartments for rent in Chicago or communities inNew York in which to live, keep in mind that you may qualify for housing projects. There are many available today, and new ones are constantly being created.


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