My Artificial Plants and Flowers

I grew up in the province with a house surrounded by coconut trees and other fruit bearing trees such as, alligator pear, star fruit, sugar apple, soursop, etc. We have a big front yard where my Mom used to plant her flowering plants and backyard for her vegetable plants. I learned gardening from her and it was my hobby for years.

It is sad that I do not have garden now. What my hubby and I bought years back is a small house and lot where we are residing now because this is the only one we can afford then. No space for gardening but I love this place because of the neighborhood. I have a few flowering plants on planters though and some artificial plants. Having artificial plants is the only way we can fill our home with flourishing greens without worrying on having big garden lot. The good thing about the artificial plant is it does not require extensive level of maintenance and much attention which is good for very busy Moms like me. For indoor decorations, I have artificial flowers. They are of high quality so they look like just the real ones. In fact, most of our visitors have mistaken them for the real flowers. Lol!

Ornamental plants, real or artificial, can add beauty to our homes and can brighten our yards. But still, I am dreaming of having my garden someday where I can plant and harvest fruits and vegetables.

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