Recover from Business Debt with Chapter 11

Though you may already have some knowledge of bankruptcy filings in regards to individuals, you likely do not understand the differences between a personal filing and a business filing. As the owner of a small or large business, you may have the right to file for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy when you can no longer operate your business because of financial issues. A Chapter 11 bankruptcy gives you the right to file and get help without losing your business. This type of bankruptcy is suitable for a wide range of different companies.


Who Can File for Chapter 11?

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy is suitable for most types of companies. If you are the sole owner of the company, you can file with the help of a qualified lawyer. You can also file when you jointly own the business with one or more individuals. Corporations also have the right to file in court. When you begin to work with a lawyer and fill out the paperwork, you must explain the type of business you own, if there are any other owners and how you file your taxes.

What is a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

One of the first questions you might have before working with Suzzanne Uhland or another dependable business lawyer is what a Chapter 11 bankruptcy entails. Unlike other types of proceedings that require you sell off your property to pay off credits, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy lets you continue running your business and owning property after you file. This is a type of reorganization or a restructuring of your company. This lets you sell off some of your property or assets and find other ways to pay off your creditors. Though you may lose a small amount, you can keep your business.

Why File for Bankruptcy?

Business owners often worry that filing for bankruptcy will look bad to investors and to the general public. Filing for bankruptcy may be your only option or the best option for your company. As the market changes, you may find that the value of your company drops and that you no longer have the customers that you had before. The less money you have coming in, the less money you have to pay your creditors. Those creditors can file lawsuits that results in the court placing liens against your business or assets. Instead of losing your assets, a Chapter 11 filing lets you protect your company and your assets.

Restructuring Your Business

You probably have some concerns over what restructuring your business actually means. Working with a trained protection specialist, you will have the chance to go over everything your business needs, including the number of employees you need and the assets you need to continue operating your business. The specialist will also help you work out payment arrangements with each of your creditors. You can then pay off your debts slowly and over time without losing the valuable things you need to run your business.

Filing for Chapter 11 lets you keep your business and most of your valuable assets while still gaining some protection for the future. You can rest assured that you will have everything you need and that you will have the chance to run your business long into the future when you file.

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Filing for Bankruptcy

Are you in financial trouble? Does it feel like the bills will never stop? Do you struggle to make payments and deal with bill collectors? If yes, you might find that filing for bankruptcy is the best option for you at this point.


Bankruptcy can be a scary and overwhelming process especially if you don’t know anyone who has done it before. In fact, most people don’t openly talk about bankruptcy, so even if you know someone who has gone through it, they might not be willing to talk about it. Because of this, it’s important to speak with an Omaha bankruptcy lawyer who can guide you through the process of filing for bankruptcy.

Your lawyer can advise you on the best way to file. He’ll also talk you through the paperwork, explain the entire process and offer advice for helping it go more smoothly. Don’t forget to be completely up front with your lawyer about your debt. After all, your lawyer can only help you if he knows all of the details. Make sure you explain openly what your financial situation is and what led you to the option of bankruptcy.

Your lawyer may recommend that you go ahead and file but if your situation seems to have an “out,” there is always the chance that your lawyer may recommend another path. Make sure you bring all of your paperwork and financial statements to your meeting with your lawyer so he can see everything firsthand.

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Understanding The Option of Bankruptcy

The word “bankruptcy” has been feared by a lot of people. Basically, bankruptcy means losses, including an impending loss of investment. Most importantly, bankruptcy means the loss of a job or the inability to earn money.

declaring bankruptcy

A certain company is declaring bankruptcy when their debt has reached an amount that they can no longer pay. It is one of the most complex areas in the field of law and that is why if you decide to undergo such status, it would be better if you to do research first.

Some businessmen declare bankruptcy in order to retain something for themselves before it’s too late. They will be protected from their creditors and will have a systematic flow of payments under a specified span of time. Your bankruptcy lawyer will see to it that everything will be settled legally.

Declaring bankruptcy is one of the most practical financial options, but you need to deal with its after effects. If it is known that you’ve had bankruptcy history, you will be have future difficulties in applying for loans or any other similar finance programs. So try to make the declaration of bankruptcy your last, possible action.

However, declaring bankruptcy could also help you out in dealing with some harsh creditors. Bear in mind that no matter what it takes, they will do their best to get back the money that you owe them. Under the state of bankruptcy, these creditors can no longer harass you with the payment because they need to follow what has been written in the agreement. Usually the payment period can happen in 2-5 years depending on the liquidated assets and possible income that can still be generated. It is going to be a tough decision but if you are left with no choice, then do not hesitate to declare bankruptcy.

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Life After Bankruptcy

Running a business day after day is challenging. You have products to promote, sales to monitor, staff to supervise, not to mention the financial difficulties you will encounter from time to time that will force you to apply for loans. We have experienced all of these until we can no longer manage our debts and had no choice but to give up our small business because of bankruptcy.

It was year 2000 when I became a dealer of shoes, bags and apparels. It was just a sideline because I have a regular job then in a telecommunications company. I saw that I have potential in marketing and selling because I earned more than what I expected. It was three times or more of my monthly salary on my regular job, so my husband and I decided to pursue the business. Because it’s running almost perfectly for years, hubby and I thought our business is recession proof, but we were wrong. When the economy takes a down turn, people tend to be very careful about spending their hard-earned money thus, our business got affected. Our sales went down by 60% and we had hard time collecting from our dealers. And because we cannot afford to hire a good lawyer who could have given us the best advice on how to get our business back on track or represent us on bankruptcy court, we just decided to give it up October last year.

It was sad and depressing but then things happen and sometimes we just don’t have too many options. Still, hubby and I believed that there’s life waiting for us after bankruptcy. And with the help and endless moral support from our friends and family, we were able to overcome our depressions. Now, we are thankful that we were finally free of the stress that goes along with the business.

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