Barbie Learn with Me Letter Book

RJ received this Barbie Learn with Me Letter Book from my SIL who is also her godmother as Christmas gift four years ago. I was glad because she was eyeing this letter book the store but we can’t afford to buy it at that time.

It’s an electronic spelling tablet that recognizes what you spell. Just touch the letter keys to learn and practice spelling. The spelled words appear on the screen. It will prompt you if you misspelled the words and would say “great” or “that’s right” if you spelled the words correctly. Until now this letter book  is  working and still as good as new…a great educational toy for your toddlers and preschoolers.

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Toy Hunt

It’s my first time to join the Toy Hunt. This is supposed to be posted yesterday but we were out the whole day. Sorry guys.

This week’s toy hunt is about collection of toys. This is my daughter’s collection of Barbie and its accessories.


Barbie’s bathtub…


Barbie’s armoire…


Barbie’s kitchen…


Barbie’s dresser and wardrobe.

Children today are very lucky! Come join the toy hunt.


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