Sunshine After the Rain

Everyone is dreaming of a happy relationship but some people seem to have trouble achieving it. Even if how hard they tried to make it work, things get sour until the relationship fails. But then there is always second chance, as there is always sunshine after the rain. And this is exactly what happened to a person who is very dear to me. Sorry for not revealing her name as I have no permission to do so. After her failed relationship and being single Mom for years, she now found her comfort from someone who loves her truly for what she is worth and also promised to love her son as his own.

This very bestfriend of mine and her knight on shining armor tied the knot last Wednesday. Hooray! I was not there to witness that memorable moment as it happened overseas. If I was there, then my bolle would be wet with tears for sure…tears of joy.

I am happy that after my bestfriend’s period of grief and healing, she can move forward now to a happy life. I hope and pray that they will always be together through both laughter and tears.

To the new couple (you know who you are), congratulations and best wishes!!!

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