I Love Billiards

Girls, generally, do not like playing billiards. Only few love this sport and I am one of the few. No, I do not know well how to play but I love watching nine ball especially if it is Efren “Bata” Reyes, also known as the Magician, who is playing. He is more than just one of the best. His ability to kick balls into intended pockets is just amazing. I am his number 1 fan that is why I want to learn billiards very much. Good thing is my sister was able to buy a second had junior billiard table at a very affordable prize. However, accessories were not included so I helped her look for some billiard supplies. Every time I go to their place, this is what I am doing, learning to play billiard.

Notice the two ladies behind? They are my Mom and sister-in-law. They were laughing at me because I can’t shoot a cue ball.

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