My Future Birthday Wish

I celebrated my 40th birthday last month. I am a simple person that is very easy to please so I have no extra special wish most of the time. My only wish was a day set aside special just for me and my family and it was granted. It was just a simple celebration yet memorable because it was only again that I was able to celebrate my birthday with my whole family (parents, siblings, nieces and nephews) after I got married.

On my 45th birthday however, I want to do something worthwhile. I want to help out through medical mission or feeding program on deprived or depressed areas here in our town. It is what I always wanted to do but I am guilty of not exerting effort to make it happen. You may ask why on my 45th birthday…why not next year? It is because I only celebrate my birthday once every five years. Lol! I’m just kidding.

Seriously, it is not easy to do. I need to look for a partner organization because I cannot do it alone and I need to collaborate with the local government. Money? We are not rich but no one is too poor not to help those who are in need. I know with the help of my good-hearted friends, it is not impossible to fulfill my 45th birthday wish.

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My Birthday Celebrations

My birthday was a blast. I had three celebrations, a pre-celebration last June 4 with my family, then a date with hubby and RJ on the day itself and a little drinking spree with friends in the evening.

Birthday CelebrationI feel like a debutant. Lol!

Birthday Celebrantswith Nanay…

Lunch Datelunch date with hubby and RJ at Secret Recipe

Lunch Datewhile waiting for our order

I am a year older (and a bit wiser too…ehehe) and I hope to enjoy every minute of my forties. Though everything in my life did not happen as I planned them, I feel like I almost have everything. I am contented being a work-at-home Mom who fulfills tasks as a mother and wife while earning. Oh, don’t think that because I am a WAHM I have no social life. In fact I have met hundreds of people online whom a couple of dozen are now my close friends. I even received wonderful birthday gifts from friends whom I haven’t met yet in person. Amazing, is it not?

While waiting for my fabulous fifties, I have plans to fulfill such as house renovation (a long time ago plan), travel with hubby and RJ and a savings of my own. I am excited and I hope to achieve them all. It is not hard though with hard work and perseverance.

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Fun-Filled Birthday Party

My birthday is just around the corner. Teehe! It’s milestone that is why I am so excited. I’ll be one year older but I don’t mind. Age is just a number anyway. Besides, there’s more to celebrate. I have a loving family whom I can rely on any season of the year; I have good friends who always listen and tell me the truth even if it hurts sometimes; I have a very understanding husband who stood by me through everything and most of all, I have a very sweet daughter that just one kiss from her could erase all my wearies.

There will be party of course but not as grand as you may think as we are on a tight budget. What matters is I will celebrate it with the people whom I like to share it with. It’s not a themed party and it doesn’t have to be serious either just because I am older (and wiser), but I will make sure that it will be fun-filled in all aspects, from my Smilebox birthday invitations down to my thank you cards.

Oh my, I can’t hide my excitement. My daughter just asked me why I am smiling alone. Lol!

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Busy and Excited

It is July already. Only 21 days to go before RJ’s birthday and 23 days to go before her birthday celebration. Her birthday, July 23, falls on Thursday. Everybody has classes and works to attend to so we are going to celebrate it on Saturday, July 25. We are quite busy preparing. We are planning to have a special number in the program, the three of us. A dance number perhaps. I was a dancer in our school from grade school to college. That was years ago. It’s been a decade or two since I hit the dance floor. Don’t know if I can still do the moves. RJ said she’s going to teach us. lol! She’s a good dancer. We are all excited. As of the moment, I can’t blog hop that often, guys. Hope you understand.

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My Life At 38

It was my birthday the other day. I took some time off that is why I was not able to blog hop and leave some comments but I was able to read your greetings. Thank you very much! It was overwhelming to know that I have lots of friends here in blogosphere, people whom I do not know personally and haven’t met yet. I have proven this once when I posted a blog about me being rushed to the hospital. It is my post that has the most comments so far. It only shows that you guys care. I would like to thank also my bestfriend Hazel and my close friends Marie and Pat, persons whom I have shared some moments of my 38 years. We seldom keep in touch but I know they are just there. 

Two years more and I will be on my forties. My life is not as smooth as silk but I have no regrets at all. We are not wealthy but we are well provided; I don’t have much money but I have many friends; I may not have everything but I am contented with what I have. I am happily married for almost ten years now and living my life to the fullest with the persons I love.

May GOD give me 30 more years to be able to share some wisdom, more blessings and lots of love to other people.

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