I Love Birthdays

Oh yes, dear readers, I have a guest today. This is the first time I have a guest here. He wants to share his thoughts but he doesn’t know how except to post it on my blog. So without further ado, here he is…dyaraaan! HUBBY!!!

“My birthday’s fast approaching and like a kid, I’m very excited. Why? Just imagine these: aside from receiving in advance Wifey and RJ’s birthday gift (love you my babies) and going to be treated like a “King” even for just one day (though Wifey always treats me as one), it’s going to be a fun-filled and hectic birthday for me.

First stop, I’m going to spend the early morning (and I mean early) of my birthday thanking Him for all the blessings. Actually, It’s the health aspect where I will be thanking Him the most because at my age, with all the abuse my body is taking, I’m glad that I encountered no serious sickness for the past year. Then it’s a game of basketball with my buddies then cap it with a breakfast of arroz caldo, refreshments and some sandwiches (of course all the cooking/preparations is courtesy of the “Queen”). I’m thinking of serving liquor but the thought of seeing drunk men that early changed my mind plus I don’t want the kids seeing us like that. We are their idols (except for the bulges, of course).

Next in the itinerary is of course some quality time with my family. It’s going to be a trip to the mall, some heavy dining and a little shopping. I’m thinking of buying myself a netbook backpack just like what Dora is using but I don’t know where I can find one or if my netbook will fit in it. Also, RJ thinks that I’m too old for Dora but I told her that there will always be a kid in each and everyone of us. She still doesn’t believe me, lol. And nope, I don’t have a ton of dough. It’s going to be gift certificates and plastic money for my birthday. Urrrghh.

Last but not the least, it’s going to be Hubby and Wifey time in the evening. Thanks to Tita Melba, we are going to consume that bottle of red wine she sent us from England while watching maybe a dvd or while cuddling perhaps. Who knows, something romantic/erotic might just happen. Lol!

Anyway, the point is, no matter how simple or weird you celebrate your birthday, what is important is that you are happy. And what’s happier is you are with the people you love.”

ME: I am glad you are delighted with our gift. You may be going to have a simple celebration but I am sure you will enjoy it. Happy, happy birthday, Dear! I have another gift for you tomorrow night. Wink!

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My Birthday Celebrations

My birthday was a blast. I had three celebrations, a pre-celebration last June 4 with my family, then a date with hubby and RJ on the day itself and a little drinking spree with friends in the evening.

Birthday CelebrationI feel like a debutant. Lol!

Birthday Celebrantswith Nanay…

Lunch Datelunch date with hubby and RJ at Secret Recipe

Lunch Datewhile waiting for our order

I am a year older (and a bit wiser too…ehehe) and I hope to enjoy every minute of my forties. Though everything in my life did not happen as I planned them, I feel like I almost have everything. I am contented being a work-at-home Mom who fulfills tasks as a mother and wife while earning. Oh, don’t think that because I am a WAHM I have no social life. In fact I have met hundreds of people online whom a couple of dozen are now my close friends. I even received wonderful birthday gifts from friends whom I haven’t met yet in person. Amazing, is it not?

While waiting for my fabulous fifties, I have plans to fulfill such as house renovation (a long time ago plan), travel with hubby and RJ and a savings of my own. I am excited and I hope to achieve them all. It is not hard though with hard work and perseverance.

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Busy and Excited

It is July already. Only 21 days to go before RJ’s birthday and 23 days to go before her birthday celebration. Her birthday, July 23, falls on Thursday. Everybody has classes and works to attend to so we are going to celebrate it on Saturday, July 25. We are quite busy preparing. We are planning to have a special number in the program, the three of us. A dance number perhaps. I was a dancer in our school from grade school to college. That was years ago. It’s been a decade or two since I hit the dance floor. Don’t know if I can still do the moves. RJ said she’s going to teach us. lol! She’s a good dancer. We are all excited. As of the moment, I can’t blog hop that often, guys. Hope you understand.

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