I love surprises. Who in their crazy mind wouldn’t love surprises most especially if it is a gift from someone they love so much? A surprise birthday party from hubby is the best ever I had. Take note, we were not married yet when he surprised me with a party…that was 14 years ago. I still remember, he fetched me from the office then asked me to accompany him to Araneta Center because he needs to buy something. I was so tired and pissed off because we were roaming the Araneta Center for 2 hours and still he hasn’t bought a thing yet. I didn’t know it was intentional to drag me somewhere away from their home while his parents are busy cooking and preparing for the party. When we went back to their house and he opens the door…SURPRISE! There were our officemates surrounding the table with food and cake while singing happy birthday. The cry baby me cried like a river…tears of joy. That was the first and only surprise birthday party I had. best birthday ever.

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Fun-Filled Birthday Party

My birthday is just around the corner. Teehe! It’s milestone that is why I am so excited. I’ll be one year older but I don’t mind. Age is just a number anyway. Besides, there’s more to celebrate. I have a loving family whom I can rely on any season of the year; I have good friends who always listen and tell me the truth even if it hurts sometimes; I have a very understanding husband who stood by me through everything and most of all, I have a very sweet daughter that just one kiss from her could erase all my wearies.

There will be party of course but not as grand as you may think as we are on a tight budget. What matters is I will celebrate it with the people whom I like to share it with. It’s not a themed party and it doesn’t have to be serious either just because I am older (and wiser), but I will make sure that it will be fun-filled in all aspects, from my Smilebox birthday invitations down to my thank you cards.

Oh my, I can’t hide my excitement. My daughter just asked me why I am smiling alone. Lol!

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