Should You Cut the Cord and Opt for Broadband Packages


With flexible and affordable BT Total Broadband packages now available, many small business owners are considering doing away with landlines. Aside from the fact that cutting the cord would definitely cut down on expenses, business owners notice the decline of landline users in the consumer market. It has become so much easier to reach consumers through their mobile phones, emails, or social media networks. Before you do cut the cord, consider first the advantages and disadvantages of not having your own landline.


Why Get Rid of Your Landline

Cost Saving. The most obvious reason for getting rid of your landline is to cut down on expenses. Your broadband bundle would already allow you to use VOIP services which are much more affordable. There are even software you can download that provide these services without charge. Skype, for one, allows you to make conference calls for free; which is also why it has fast gained popularity in the business industry.

Mobility. Unless you are paying additional fees for call forwarding, a landline ties you to your office where you are forced to stay and wait for client calls or make a call to a supplier. This is why a lot of business owners now invest in cell phone services that provide portability and mobility.

The Downside of Not Having a Landline

Higher Risk of Inconvenience. You run more risk of inconvenience when you cut your landline in favour of VOIP or mobile services. Being solely reliant on internet service, VOIP service cannot be used when the internet is down or when there is a power outage. Also, both VOIP and mobile services depend on your location. If you happen to be in an area with bad service, you risk having a connection of very poor quality.

To Cut the Cord or Not

The decision to do away with a landline depends highly on the type of business you are in. Evaluate your business needs and consumer reach to determine whether your business would manage well without a landline. Since it relies on fast internet connection and power supply, VOIP services may not be as reliable now as a landline. However, with recent technological advancements, VOIP services continue to improve and are even foreseen to be the top choice for business communication. As with all business concerns, weigh the pros and cons of cutting the cord before you make your decision.

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Connectivity Means Productivity

Businesses are highly dependent on technology these days and services such as those offered by Plusnet Broadband deals are considered to be a necessity. Getting connected to your customers, partners, and suppliers enhances your business efficiency. It can streamline your operations and improve customer service levels. With fast and affordable broadband service, you do not ever have to worry about missing an important deal or not being able to provide timely solutions to problems that might come up in your operations. You can get broadband deals that match your business needs and budget.

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Here are some aspects of your business that might not be possible without a reliable broadband connection:

1. File Sharing and Online Collaboration – the days of sending a messenger from one office to another to deliver folders and folders of raw files are over. The shift towards a paperless office is becoming a popular move for many businesses. Some single office businesses might do well with a LAN for computer systems within the same building. However, those with multi-office operations would require a broadband connection to share files or to collaborate on projects. This kind of connectivity allows for faster turnaround times and savings in paper and messengerial expenses.

2. Data Integration and Database Management – broadband connectivity also allows for more convenient handling of customer data. Customer information need not be inputted several times across several computer systems in the company. One system can be shared by several users on different workstations. There is no longer a need for separate offices to maintain their own client information files. Likewise, data about the company’s sales and financial performance may also be integrated for processing by the various departments concerned. The business reports and the books of accounts can easily be stored and accessed from a single integrated database. Data mining also becomes possible with a little programming to cull customer or company information based on specific parameters.

3. Timely Customer Service – this is one of the most important things that influence the success of any business. Customers will almost always have a need to get in touch with businesses for one reason or another. The customers’ decision on whether to patronize a business more often than not is made with this consideration in mind. They want a company that they can rely on when they have concerns about the product they bought or the service that they availed of. Being connected 24/7 will allow you to receive and respond to any customer service inquiries anytime.

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