My Would Be Car

I do not know anything about cars as we do not have one. But if ever I’ll get the chance to have a car of my own, I want it to be black. I have read somewhere that black cars are not good as it is accident prone at night, it’s hotter inside and it shows dirt. Too many negative feedback on black cars but let’s face it, black cars look great and more sophisticated.

My would-be car doesn’t have to be Lamborghini, Porsche, or Benz. All it has to be is black in color.

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Importance of Car Insurance

Every time bills arrive, people get a little annoyed. Of course no one wants to have a bill to pay. That is why getting car insurance is not a priority to most people especially young drivers because it will add up to their monthly obligations. For many, this is more a pain than a benefit. But do not underestimate the importance of car insurance. It may lose a little of your pocket strings but it is worth it.

Car insurance is your safety umbrella when you are driving a vehicle. Driving carefully does not always guarantee 100% safety. There is always a chance of unexpected and wayward incidents and the fact remains that there can be a great deal of damage to a person as well as property if these things happen. This means great liability costs or financial loss. In times like this, motor trade insurance will be your savior. They have a 24 hour claim line to make your life hassle free and even if your accident happens at night, you can file your claim right that moment. They will provide financial means to survive a liability claim.

Do not be neglectful. Be aware of the risk that you would face on the road. Get or renew your car insurance now and protect not only yourself but also others on the road.


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