Kids and Tech World

Children today are so smart. They are so updated with the tech world. Like for example my daughter, she knows more than I do when it comes to new gadgets and electronics. Just this morning, she asked her dad if he can buy her an iphone. She said she wants it because it is wifi ready and has many applications. What I am using is an old cell phone and she is just 8 years old and she wants iphone.

We cannot blame her though because she is growing up exposed to digital technology, not to mention the fun and the number of things she can do with these gadgets. Yes, it is alarming sometimes but that is why we are here. As parents it is our duty to protect our children not only from the dangers outside our home but from the virtual predators as well.

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Samsung Champ-My New Baby

This is my new baby, Samsung Champ; touchwiz, internet, google search and social networks ready, with wireless FM radio, camera, built-in stylus pen, and expandable memory via microSD up to 8GB. It is not the high end on Samsung’s touch screen cellphones but I love it and all its applications. The good thing is, it is given to me for free. Smart gave us this phone when we renewed another 2-year contract with Smart Bro as a reward for being loyal customers.

There were times last year that we had problems with our internet connections but these past months, we have not had any negative experiences with Smart Bro such as slow or intermittent connections and for that I want to congratulate them. I am thanking them as well for giving me a new baby.

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