Make Every Morning Simpler and Easier

Summer vacation will be over in three weeks. Whew, time flies really fast! Three weeks from now, another school year will begin. RJ will be in the fourth grade and she will be in school the whole day. That means I will be obliged to wake up as early as 4am to prepare RJ and hubby’s breakfast and their packed lunch. I was keeping the same routine for five years which is waking up a little late and I hope this nearing new routine won’t turn my everyday into topsy-turvy. Waking up very early may not be the biggest change in my every day but it will make my life a little complicated for I will need to hit the hay early so I can wake up early and for a blogger like me, it’s very hard to do.

So to make every morning simpler and easier, here are the things I will do…I will prepare RJ and hubby’s uniforms and bags before going to bed so that I won’t have to run around the next morning. I will keep my tools like utility knife, scissors, sandwich bags and tapes within reach so that preparing sandwiches and packed lunch will be a lot easier. I will also cook meals that can be frozen or prepared ahead of time then just re-heat them in the morning. These will surely alleviate quite a bit of stress in the morning and would help me love my new routine.

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